Who SX Figure Browz is for?

  • Novice

    Are you an aspiring esthetician, tattoo artist or interested in brows, but don't have any idea on everything about permanent makeup? Don’t know what tools to use? Don’t know what strategy to apply? In short, CLUELESS. Sx Figure Browz is perfect for you as we have several courses that provide you with an A-Z approach to start your own business RIGHT NOW.

  • Advanced beginner

    Someone who has gained a great deal of knowledge yet is unsure of what to do next. NO previous experience? Worry no more because each of our courses here has a bonus of assistance and feedback from a professional esthetician, none other than your instructor, Sebena Obsession.

  • Competent

    Someone who possesses the required ability, knowledge, or skill to complete a task successfully but wishes to improve their degree of expertise. You might be an expert in one field but desire to be proficient in all of them. You are welcome here, and you may rest confident that you will graduate from Sx Figure Browz as a professional brow artist.

SX Figure Brows will help you

  • Work at your own pace to allow time to practice.

  • Learn the importance of specific techniques that will allow you to increase your skill level.

  • Break free from the traditional, boring, and outdated method of learning.

  • Avoid frustration and gain confidence from the moment you enroll.

  • Quickly learn how to do permanent makeup by mastering the fundamentals of PMU.

  • Be a Professional Esthetician

What makes us different?

All of the courses we provide are in a step-by-step style. Each lesson is designed to be concise and simple to follow. We provide Demonstration videos, Written information & Worksheets to make your life simpler! We understand how difficult it is to accomplish anything without knowing whether or not what you’re doing is correct. We assure that you will receive feedback from your instructor anytime you require it at SX Figure Brows, because you're learning is our priority. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about facing the real world alone once you've completed our course since you'll receive continuing assistance. Lastly, all of the client consultation and consent forms will be provided for you. We know you’re born ready for this!


The absolute best experience!

Alexus Leilani Renee

I took a training for ombré brows and microblading and had the absolute best experience! Bena was very knowledgeable and patient. I did not feel rushed and was really able to learn everything I needed to know! Will definitely be taking more training and booking my beauty appointments in the near future!

Bena is the best trainer around!

Nykki Perez

Bena is the best trainer around ! I learned both teeth whitening and brow tinting from her and she explains to the T ! You leave with no questions because she describes everything so well and also give you a packet filled with all the information so while doing your service if you have any questions you can just look in the packet for the answer or just send her a quick text message and she answers 🙌🏽 she teaches many other things as well like classic lashes , volume lashes , brow threading , microblading , ombré brows etc. she is so kind and funny and I look forward to taking many more trainings with her!

Ladies get trained by her if y’all wanna take the next step into being your OWN boss!

Henny Ruiz-Garcia

I recently got trained by bena I’m officially certified for teeth whitening and i can honestly say wow she is amazing down to earth and super smart for every question i had she had an answer she gave us amazing tips on how to have a good business and i feel confident enough to say i know i got this! Lol 😉 thanks so much for taking your time and guiding me through every step! ladies get trained by her if y’all wanna take the next step into being your OWN boss!🙌🏼

Absolute inspiration.

Jessica Claire

Absolute inspiration. Bena is knowledgeable and willing to share what she knows. Professional with a twist of her own style that makes it fun and exciting, and laid back enough to feel welcomed to ask all questions so you feel you're walking away with your "Lash fairy wings" ready to fly on your own. Definitely recommend trainings or services by Bena to anyone, I know I will continue to return to no one but Bena!

Bena is the best!

Eden Perozo

Bena is the best! I took the training course and and loved every part of it!

She won’t let you down at all.

Veley Velez

Recently just had a training to become a lash tech. I had the best time. Not only was she extremely professional and informative. She was absolutely down to earth. Very easy to be around and never was there a dull moment. If your considering taking a class for sure book it with obsessions!!! She won’t let you down at all.


Still Got Questions?

  • How does it work?

    Sx Figure Browz was founded for beginners who have little to no experience or artists that need an in depth refresher course to get back familiar with permanent make up. Each course includes extensive information on techniques regarding the course that you have enrolled in. On every end of the chapter, we offer support that will help you reinforce all the items covered. There will be feedback provided based on the outcome of your work, from a master in the industry, our instructor Sebena.

  • What courses are offered in Sx Figure Browz?

    Sx Figure Browz currently provides a variety of eyebrow-related courses that can help you in becoming a professional six-figure esthetician. - Ombre Powder Brows - Microblading - Brow Shaping - Brow Tinting & Waxing Each course has 6 month access or monthly subscription access to provide sufficient time to retain and implement all the steps taught for optimal results.

  • Can I enroll anytime?

    Yes! We have an open enrollment. You can enroll in any of the courses, anytime.

  • What tools are needed to start?

    You can click the course that you are interested in and it will lead you to a page where you can view a list of the necessary tools for that certain course. We also offer a kit that you may purchase to start the course hassle free.

  • Refund Policy

    Sx Figure Browz Courses are non-refundable. Disputed payments are handled in accordance with our Chargeback Policy.

  • Chargeback Policy

    Credit card chargebacks and PayPal disputes can be costly and hurt our standing with our payment processors. For this reason, we reserve the right to terminate and/or disable Sx Figure Browz Enrollment that have filed chargebacks or disputes. We are always willing to discuss any issues you may have and ask that you contact us at [email protected] if you have a dispute you would like us to review. These disputes are meant as a last resort measure. All customer service and billing questions should be directed to us first. We answer email daily and will always help with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Why did you start the Sx Fugure Browz?

    Sx Figure Browz was founded in 2016 by Sebena Obsession. Our goal is to share our knowledge with as many aspiring artists to provide an in depth understanding of PMU brows. We believe that the technique of permanent makeup was not being taught in a way that was engaging people to attempt something they had never considered before. We started Sx Figure Browz to help anyone who wants to feel empowered by learning a new skill and turning it into a small business.